We know quality from decades in the industry, and want you to experience it too.

We have more Top 10 awards in cannabis cups than any other flower company in California, including placing 1st and 4th for Light Deprivation in 2017 at the Emerald Cup, the “Academy Awards of the cannabis industry” according to Rolling Stone magazine. Our obsession with producing exceptional quality cannabis culminates in the care and attention to detail in each aspect of cultivation. Pure and minimal inputs are at the center of our philosophy of sustainable and regenerative practices.

The results are consistently incredible.

High quality cannabis has frosty trichrome-covered buds, and a full terpene profile. The phenomenal flavor, smell, and effects take the “high” to another level.

We invite you to experience the Eden difference and see for yourself.


Our experience with large-scale farming means we have developed tried-and-true practices for growing some of the best cannabis available. Our focus on sustainable and regenerative techniques started as a way to improve the land that provides for us. It soon became evident that the outcome of fewer and more pure inputs is not only healthy land but also stellar cannabis. We constantly integrate new technologies into our time-tested techniques for sustainably growing top-quality cannabis.

Our efforts have earned us numerous Top 10 placements in cannabis cups like High Times, Hempcon, and the Emerald Cup – where we’ve been in the Top 10 the last 3 out of 4 years. The fact that we enter our production stock speaks to the consistency with which we grow superior quality cannabis. We are constantly trying new ways to produce even better cannabis in even more ecologically-conscious ways.


We are passionate about growing the highest quality cannabis available.  Lifelong advocates of the plant, we are firm believers in the unique and potent effects of this versatile plant. Our genetics have been masterfully crafted to maximize the true potential of each strain.

We are passionate about promoting sustainable farming as an alternative to the environmentally-destructive impacts of conventional agriculture. We are equally passionate about doing business in ways that benefit people and the planet. We minimize wasteful packaging by buying wholesale, utilize recycled and reused products, and minimize paper with digital systems. We aim to foster mutually beneficial relationships with all our partners. We are also passionate about supporting our local community causes and projects supporting those in need like community gardens and food pantries.